Leroux & Lotz

Renewable energy

Production of new plant or modernization of your boiler to replace fossil fuels by the recovery of biomass, waste wood, CSR or RDF.

Forest biomass

2016 Brignoles: Power plant based on firing virgin biomass as well as recycled waste wood - Spreader stoker fired rotating grate for 66MWth input producing superheated steam at 96 bar 520° C feeding a steam turbine producing 168GWh per year – overall power plant performance> 32% efficiency with a reduction of 138,600 tonnes CO2 annual released into the atmosphere.

Local CSR waste wood B

2023 - BioSynErgy, Gonfreville l'Orcher - CSR energy recovery plant - 43.5 MW water-cooled grate furnace/boiler producing 124 bar superheated steam for local industry and the urban heating network of the city of Le Havre.

Wood waste

2014 Robin Roussillon: Waste wood Type B & C plus waste paper rejects - Bubbling Fluidized Bed (BFB) combustion of 24MWth producing saturated steam at 40 bars supplying the chemical platform of Roussillon replacing coal - 68,000 tonnes of waste recovered with reduction in CO2 emissions of 56,000 tonnes per year.

2018 Chartres: Waste wood cogeneration plant - Bubbling fluidized bed combustion of 26.5 MW with production of superheated steam 72 bars 520 °C with external gas fired superheater- 58,000 tonnes of waste recovered with overall cogeneration efficiency> 75%.

2021 - Hooton, Cheshire (UK): CSR treatment and recovery - Construction of the melting furnace and horizontal boilers of the two lines producing 57tph of steam at 61 bars and 420°C, supplying 50,000 homes with electricity - 240,000 tonnes of waste recovered per year.

2023 - ABR2, La Réunion (FR) : The project consists of a set of modifications to the fuel supply and combustion system. The aim is to replace coal fuel with wood pellets. The proportion of renewable energies will rise from 35% to 51% of the island’s energy mix, with an 84% reduction in the plant's greenhouse gas emissions and the creation of jobs to bolster the local economy.

Co-firing or conversion from coal with use of biomass

including the conversion of the 72MW 485 °C 60bar boiler from Poterne Unit to Grenoble