Our recruitment process

Your recruitment in 5 steps

Want to join us? We explain here what will be the next steps, knowing that the average time between your application and the final answer is about 2 months.


Your application

– Spontaneous application or in response to an offer,
– After submitting the application, an automatic confirmation email is sent.
– No candidate account at LLT, no password to remember!

– Within 2 to 3 weeks after your application
– To validate the essential skills and the environment of the position.
– Proposal for maintenance or negative response.


Pre-selection of candidates


Interview #1

– To know better each other.
– With the manager, and depending on the position, with Vanessa our HRD.
– Within 15 days after your pre-selection.
– Appointment of about an hour in video or face-to-face.

– If you are on the short list.
– Within 15 days after interview #1.
– One-hour appointment in video or face-to-face.
– It may be an interview with Patrick, our President, and/or Vanessa the HRD if she was not present at interview #1.
– We’ll talk about compensation, benefits.


Interview #2


Job offer

– Within 10 days after interview #2.
– The HR or the manager will contact you by phone and then confirm you by email.
– If the answer is negative, we try to answer you within 15 days.

On boarding

Our meeting led to a new professional adventure within the LLT #team: Welcome!

In the days following your confirmation, you will enter an on boarding course where Sarah, in charge of payroll and personnel administration, and your manager, will accompany you from the administrative part to your 1st day, passing by your welcome kit and your integration program.

Before your arrival

You will have access to a dedicated platform facilitating all the administrative part. You just have to let yourself be guided, with the help of Sarah!

Your work environment will also be anticipated: computer and mailbox configured, access badge and PPE if necessary, workspace, Swile card, … your place will be ready. And of course, your manager will inform your future team of your arrival…

We’re only waiting for you !


The coffee will be ready, and your team, too!

You will take advantage of this first day to discover your new work environment, meet your new colleagues, discuss with your manager…

And after ?

Lots of new things await you! You will live your integration day in the company of other newly arrived talents, you will discuss your training program with your manager…

You will even be invited to share with us your report of astonishment on the quality of the welcome that will have been reserved for you.

We have every interest in ensuring

So ready?