Leroux & Lotz

Service Activities

Thanks to its know-how as the leading manufacturer/designer of solid fuel thermal units in France, Leroux & Lotz Technologies can provide you with the support of its experts:

  • For your preliminary project :
    • As a pre-study and detailed design collaboration for new or revamping projects
    • 3D surveys to validate your layout possibilities
  • For revamping control systems (safety and driving automation) in compliance with PED regulatory obligations, with HAZOP/SIL review, safety matrices and detailed functional analyses and development of automation and supervision with Leroux & Lotz Technologies engineers and automation specialists.
  • Smart Performance technical expertise:

    • Optimising the operation of your furnace/boiler/flue gas treatment systems to meet your energy efficiency targets...
      • Bring your facilities into compliance with increasingly stringent ELVs;
      • Improve energy efficiency and maximise the tonnage of waste recovered;
      • Maximise the availability of your plants;
      • Minimize ongoing maintenance costs.

... through the methodical approach of our Smart Performance department:

      • Performance audit ;
      • Modelling of the plant's energy flows and heat exchanges to identify energy losses;
      • Definition and fine-tuning of optimized control algorithms for combustion and the water-steam cycle;
      • Operational training in process control and preventive maintenance ;
      • Search for improvements with an excellent return on investment.
    • Multi-year assistance and process monitoring contracts to maximize performance over the long term, with payment based on the achievement of set KPIs.
    • Remote troubleshooting.

They trust Smart Performance : Veolia, Suez, Engie, Albioma, Dalkia, Idex, Urbaser, INOVA, Coriance, Cristal Union…

  • Intelligent control solution for thermal power plants :
    • The association between Leroux & Lotz Technologies and Purecontrol has given rise to MetisIA, a reliable, powerful and industry-proven AI brick, combining the manufacturing know-how of Leroux & Lotz Technologies with Purecontrol's expertise in real-time predictive control.

    • MetisIA goes beyond traditional advanced control systems to optimize the performance of thermal power plants. To achieve this, it draws on key expertise in :
      • prediction of needs
      • anticipating disruptions
      • detecting anomalies

MetisIA integrates seamlessly, without modifying existing automation systems or adding hardware on site, while maintaining impeccable service continuity. The solution takes into account a wide range of data, and improves with every action.

    • The results:
      • stabilizing production and improving processing ;
      • Increased availability;
      • Improving energy efficiency;
      • Reduced reagent consumption ;
      • Reduced environmental impact.
  • After-sales service for your equipment :
    • Support in drawing up a maintenance plan ;
    • Spare parts sales ;
    • Organization of mechanical interventions on your sites.