Leroux & Lotz

Service Activities

Thanks to its know-how as the leading manufacturer / designer of solid fuel thermal units on the French market, LLT supports you with its experts:
  • As part of your pre-projects:
    • In the form of a collaboration in draft project and detailed study of new installations or revamping projects
    • With the production of 3D surveys to validate your installation possibilities
  • For control-command system revamping (safety and driving automation) in compliance with PED regulatory obligations with HAZOP / SIL review, security matrices and detailed functional analyzes and development of automation and supervision with engineers and LLT automation engineers
  • Technical expertise by Smart Performance :
  • Optimizing the operation of your furnace / boiler / flue gas treatment facilities to achieve your goals of ...
    • Bringing your installations into compliance with increasingly restrictive ELVs
    • Improving energy efficiency and maximizing the operational capacity of recovered waste
    • Maximize the availability of your firing units
    • Minimize current maintenance costs

... via the methodical approach of our Smart Performance service:

    • Performance audit
    • Modeling of energy flows and thermal exchanges of the plant to identify energy losses
    • Definition and fine-tuning of optimized regulation algorithms for combustion and the water-steam cycle
    • Operational training in process management and preventive maintenance
    • Search for improvements with an excellent return on investment
    • Multi-year support and process monitoring contracts to maximize performance in a sustainable manner with payment of services upon achievement of set KPIs
    • Deployment of the LLT Factory 4.0 solution to make it easier for your teams to monitor operating and maintenance parameters via connected tablets.

Remote troubleshooting

They trust Smart Performance: Veolia, Suez, Engie, Albioma, Dalkia, Idex, Urbaser, INOVA, Coriance, Cristal Union ...

  • The after-sales service of your installations:
    • Support to establish a maintenance plan
    • Sale of spare parts
    • Organization of mechanical interventions on your sites