Leroux & Lotz


Leroux & Lotz Technologies is an SME made up of a diverse group of 85 talented professionals, individually and collectively engaged in an innovation process.

The relational aspect, the group spirit and the exchange are important qualities which are dear to us. LLT is a collective of women and men, all experts, each in their own field, where each and every one can make a contribution.

Open dialogue, positive cooperation and individual initiative are qualities which constitute our cultural fundamentals and which characterize the way we exercise our profession as a team.

They are anchored in our managerial model which values autonomy and responsibility.

Internal life

Our actions reflect a concern for well-being together at work, which is for us an essential factor for success.

We are constantly looking to gradually put things in place so that everyone flourishes in a pleasant and welcoming working environment: this goes from daily attentions to the organization of events to offer moments of togetherness and kindness : day integration, after works events, individual celebrations, coffee breaks among others

To foster relationships and a serene atmosphere at work, LLT takes a participative approach. A survey is conducted annually to assess the quality of working life as perceived by its staff and invite frank comments on possible areas for improvement.

Come join us

You will work alongside enthusiastic and committed colleagues who collaborate effectively to ensure the success of LLT.

Our activities are organized to offer you the opportunity to develop, build and test innovative, empowering projects. We will always encourage you to bring your vision of innovation and we will accompany you in your professional career while guaranteeing the recognition of your performance and the balance between professional and private life through flexible hours and teleworking.

By integrating LLT you will discover new challenges in an SME organized in project mode, in a stimulating, flexible and fast environment. So if you are ready for your next career move and want join our journey : apply here.

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