Research & Development

Guided by a spirit of innovation, Leroux & Lotz mobilizes its resources and skills to invent and realize tomorrow’s solutions which will back its customers in their development. In order to achieve that, Leroux & Lotz relies on internal resources (expertise, calculations, design …) and does not hesitate to invest each year almost 4% of its turnover in R&D programs. Aiming to always offer high performance products with added value, Leroux & Lotz approach is based on partnerships with its customers to jointly develop technologies that will respond efficiently to market expectations. Leroux & Lotz is also ablt to build teams including additional external resources (such as engineering schools) to deliver complex projects. R&D programs have a particular focus on sustainable development technologies that will contribute to build a better world; more respectful of mankind and environment.

Examples of our recent developments

Environemental Turnkey Unit for liquid organic waste treatement

Originally designed to treat any type of liquid waste with organic content (mix of: cardboard packages, effluents, oils, restaurant wastes, etc.) on board of cruise ships, this compact and efficient unit can substitute incineration in numerous applications with lots of advantages:

  • no more need to dry waste (lower energy consumption)
  • no flame, no NOx, no SOx, no dioxines, no furanes, no fine particles
  • residues are sterile & biodegradable
  • scalable (on demand design based on volumes to treat)
  • fast and flexible
  • low energy consumption

This product is the outcome of several years of R&D that gave birth to a reliable and proven process (pilot successful operation), protected by patents.


Environemental Turnkey Unit for CO2 capture

Our system prevents CO2 emissions in atmosphere by isolating CO2 out of industrial boilers flue gas. It can also be used for flue gas de-acidification. Proposed technology is post-combustion segregation based on membrane separator. This technology has been optimized through continuous operation on industrial scale demonstrator. It can easily integrate to existing plants with:

  • Scalable and modular process
  • CO2 Capture performances >90%
  • Reduction of energetic penalty thanks to an optimized energetic integration
  • Reduction of environmental footprint compared to other solutions
  • COP21 award winning technology
  • Simple + Proven + Reliable = Industrial

This project is conducted with l’Agence Nationale de la Recherche under the call for projects  EESI-2010, it is led in partnership with CPCU, Polymem, ICARE and LRGP.

Environemental Turnkey Unit for used oils regeneration

This unit allows used oils to be regenerated. It contributes to creation of a virtuous circular economy and avoids oil spilling in environment.

  • Flexible process regarding the incoming product
  • Efficiency granted
  • Regenerated oil is conform to ASTM standards of API Group I for virgin oils
  • Capacity is fit for local needs
  • Project associated with environmental management approach

This development is the outcome of a strong pertnership between Leroux & Lotz Technologies and SOTULUB (Tunisia). Process is proven by more than 20 years of successful operation and protected by patents.