Turnkey Modular Unit for Maritime Slops Recovery

Leroux & Lotz Technologies offers the industrial solution for maritime oil residues treatment and recovery.

This Turnkey Modular Unit with small dimensions (100 m2) can treat 10 m3 / hour of oil residues to obtain a light cut (naphtha) and a fuel cut with constant specification.

With a fully modular design of “equipment” blocks, whose fit into 4 containers, this unit can be operational on site in only one week.

This concept helps respect the environment by offering an alternative to wild degassing of vessels, complete traceability of the treated residues and full control of emissions in accordance with international regulations.


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    • Assembly in isolated areas without the need for large support team staff
    • Easy assembly / disassembly which does not require highly specialized teams
    • Valuation of wastes and recovered oil
    • Manufacture and pre-commissioning in our workshop prior to shipping
    • Requires the only the use of conventional transportation and handling means (standard containers)
    • Quick return on investment