Turnkey Modular Units for Organic Wastes Treatment and Recovery

Leroux & Lotz Technologies has a unique expertise in the design and manufacture of innovative Turnkey Modular Units using its proprietary and patented hydrothermal oxidation effluent treatment process.

As a result of our R&D department, this system reduces the required footprint for such operations, increases the energy efficiency and meet the challenges faced by our clients.


The design is entirely based on modularity to adapt quickly and without prolonged studies, the size of the unit as needed, following the volume of waste to be treated and their composition.

Fully automated, this Turnkey Modular Unit is previously tested in our factory before deployment on site.

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    • Liquid waste treatment with variable organic carbon content, relevant for Total Organic Carbon (TOC) up to to 100 g / L
    • Treatment of organic wastes onboard cruise ships and offshore Oil & Gas installations
    • Treatment of chemical weapons, on-site, thanks to the modularity of the system
    • Effluent treatment of an isolated community or any remote location not having the possibility to be connected to a large treatment plant
    • Effluent treatment on site for hospitals, zoos,  or any community with environmental concerns and local heat demand: swimming pools, greenhouses…


    • No emission of NOx, SOx, dioxin, furane, fines particles, etc. so no need to install a flue gas treatment unit
    • No need for waste pre-treatment (no drying)
    • Flexible versus variable flow rates (thanks to the batch technology)
    • The residual liquid waste is sterile and biodegradable and can be directly removed and the residual solid wastes can be valued