Turnkey Modular Unit for Used Oils Regeneration

Leroux & Lotz Technologies has developed a concept of modular regeneration plant of waste oils (re-refining unit).

The aim of this concept is to offer an alternative with minimized investment for API Group I base oil recovery, regenerated from collected used oils.

For example, collected oils from the automotive industry may be regenerated into base oils for marine applications or agricultural machinery, entering in the blending process of lubricants and greases production.

Therefore, this concept has a dual bottom line:

  • preserve the environment, by avoiding spills, creating a collection system and optimizing the resource
  • provides an economical and technically simple solution to be implemented

The design is entirely made of modular “equipment” blocks in our factory. This enables advanced control of costs and quality, and helps to build the equipment in parallel with servicing soils and civil works of the facilities, on the sites selected by our customers.

The total time of the project is therefore significantly reduced.

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    • Assembly in isolated areas without the need for large support team staff
    • Easy assembly / disassembly which does not require highly specialized teams
    • Valuation of wastes and recovered oils
    • Manufacture and pre-commissioning in our workshop prior to shipping
    • Requires the only the use of conventional transportation and handling means (standard containers)
    • Quick return on investment