Turnkey Modular Unit for CO2 Capture and Separation

Leroux & Lotz Technologies has a unique expertise in the design and manufacture of innovative modular systems for CO2 capture.

As a result of our R&D department in collaboration with the ANR, EnergiCapt minimizes the required footprint, limits energy losses related to the capturing process, and answers to issues faced by our customers.

This system demonstrates the investment of Leroux & Lotz Technologies in clean technologies to reduce the environmental impact that may have industrial activities.
The design is entirely based on modularity, allowing to quickly adapt the unit depending on the flow and composition of the smoke and / or gas to be treated. The unit is also easily integrable into existing installation without need to retrofit.
The possible uses of CO2 are numerous and varied. Our system can ideally be integrated to enhanced oil recovery operations (EOR), “Power to Gas” facilities to convert the CO2 into methane , but could also provide a source of supply for urea synthesis or to the culture of microalgae. The purity of the recovered CO2 also allows us to consider its use in the food industry and fine chemicals.

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    • CO2 capture from fumes of industrial boilers (all kind of fuels)
    • CO2 separation from other gases such as méthane


    • Scalable modular unit avoiding heavy modifications of your installations
    • Modular technology allowing optimum operation over a wide range of flow rates
    • Use of a unique absorption technology, allowing a CO2 capture rate beyond 90%
    • Reduction of the footprint thanks to a compact design
    • Manufacture in a certified, secured workshop, reducing risk, costs and delays
    • Improving the overall energy balance, reducing power consumption
    • Reliable through the use of highly corrosion resistant materials