Turnkey Modular Units for Lubricants Production

Leroux & Lotz Technologies is a recognized expert in designing, engineering, manufacturing and commissioning of production plants for  petrochemical components such as oils, lubricants, additives, or greases. Based on an original concept of Turnkey Modular Units integrated on containerized skids. LLT know-how on that segment is unique and perfectly fits new or emerging markets.

Leroux & Lotz Technologies offers a complete solution which includes design, engineering, manufacturing, factory acceptance tests and tests runs in our factory, shipping, commissioning, training and site acceptance test.

Leroux & Lotz Technologies offers blending techniques for high quality products. A full range of equipment with precision, efficiency and high degree of repeatability allows minimizing labor, energy and stocks associated costs. All equipment can be skid mounted and containerized.

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Automatic Batch Blender (ABB)

Sequential blending process, based on a highly accurate weighing system, it offers an economical and efficient solution to produce batches of different sizes. The components are added one by one or by dedicated lines (usually base oil and some additives) or by pouring from the top of the mixing tank. It is possible to produce large quantities with a measuring system equipped with mass flow meters.



Simultaneous Metered Blender (SMB)

The components measured by mass flow meters are sent simultaneously in a homogenization tank where they mix. A large batch can be quickly measured and mixed. This process combines the ILB and ABB processes.



Drum Decanting System (DDS)

Automatic mechanism to incorporate additives in the process including the more viscous ones. Based on a highly accurate weighing system, it facilitates the management of formulations and productions and reduces the process duration.



In Line Blender (ILB)

ILB is a production process which uses a real-time measurement system of compounds. From 7 to 10 components, whose flow is maintained in the proper proportions, are sent simultaneously in a common line where they are mixed. This method does not require mixing tank and can avoid having finished product storage tanks.



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    • Autonomous production units
    • Fully tested in our facilities prior to disassembling and shipping
    • Easy and quick commissioning. Pre-installed piping and electric cabling, ready to be reconnected
    • Costs reduction of the overall plant lead time
    • Units can be ready for production in less than 2 weeks
    • Easy to disassemble and relocalise (standard ISO containers)
    • Evolutive production capacities by simply adding new modules