Turnkey Modular Units for Greases Production

Leroux & Lotz Technologies designs, manufactures and commissions Turnkey Modular Units and equipment specially designed for grease production process.

The grease market requires flexibility using different production methods and a wide variety of raw materials and compounds.

In addition, the production units have to operate with the lowest energy consumption and labor costs, while ensuring consistent quality.

Leroux & Lotz Technologies’ Turnkey Modular Units for greases production represent the most appropriate technology to these requirements.

These units may include standard mixers and autoclaves or customized as needed, optimized piping and pressure autoclave reactors.

Leroux & Lotz Technologies also has a long experience in the basic design of complete production plant, revamping and expansion of existing plants.

Some examples of applications are the production of simple and complex greases, of calcium, lithium, lithium complex, lithium-calcium, calcium sulfonate, aluminiun, bentonite etc.

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    • Excellent repeatability thank to LLT’s experience
    • Fully tested in our facilities prior to disassembling and shipping
    • Easy commissioning thanks to containerized modules ready to be interconnected
    • Ease of future expansion by simply adding new modules