Turnkey Modular Units for Fluids Production

Leroux & Lotz Technologies has specially designed a Turnkey Modular Unit for the manufacture and conditioning of antifreeze and organic concentrates type of products.

This unit “ready to use” with a capacity of 2500 metric tons per year (in one shift) requires only 50 m2 to be deployed. With easy connection to bulk products storage tanks such as MEG or additives, it has a sub water treatment unit allowing the use of water from the city network.

All equipment are skid mounted and containerized.

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    • Designed for a wide range of products, from conventional products to products issued from the organic chemistry
    • Complete Turnkey Modular Unit ready to use, worldwide
    • Equipment rinsed by water to facilitate the change from one production to another
    • Water storage and processing unit allowing reuse of the water
    • Fully tested in our facilities prior to disassembling and shipping
    • Easy and quick commissioning thanks to containerized equipment