Special Machines for Flexible Pipelines, Umbilicals and Cables Production

Leroux & Lotz Technologies carries the design, manufacture, assembly and testing in its workshops of its special machines.

Leroux & Lotz Technologies also provides assistance on-site for their commissioning.

References of Leroux & Lotz Technologies in the field of special machines are numerous.

Our expertise on special machines applies to different types of rotating equipment related to the manufacture of flexible pipelines, umbilicals, and also power cables or steel cables, used particularly in the offshore Oil & Gas and Marine Renewable Energy areas.

The type of machines we mostly involved with are:

  • Profiling machines (profiling and spiraling stainless steel plates to form the “carcass layer” of flexible pipelines)
  • Spiraling machines (spiraling of drawn steel wires to form the “pressure vault” of flexible pipelines)
  • Armouring machines (laying of steel wires for stress recovery on flexible pipelines, umbilicals or cables)
  • Assembling machines, horizontal or vertical (for the assembly of cables and umbilicals)
  • Taping machines (foam & plastic interlayer)
  • Tensioners, wires & plates winding lines, auxiliary equipment for production lines
  • Complete production lines
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    • Manufacture of flexible pipelines
    • Production of power cables
    • Manufacture of steel cables
    • Production of submarine umbilicals
    • Auxiliary equipment of our customers’ production lines: under-rollers, tensioners, baskets, carousels, winders …


    • Proven experience in the design and manufacture of special machines
    • Design on demand based on customer needs and requirements
    • Dedicated project team, composed of highly qualified engineers
    • Manufacture and assembly in our factory for a total quality control
    • Factory Acceptance Tests and Test Runs in our workshops prior to shipping