Subsea Equipment

Leroux & Lotz Technologies carries the design, manufacture, assembly and testing in its workshops of subsea equipment.
Our Subsea Equipment expertise is generally linked with flexible and/or rigid pipelines and their configuration management during their lifetime.

This expertise can meet different types of equipment as listed below, based on Leroux & Lotz Technologies and / or customer’s design.

  • MidWater Arch & associated gravity bases
  • SubSea Isolation Valves supporting structures, PLETs & ILT
  • I-tubes, I-tube protective structures, clamps
  • Metalic bend restrictors

Leroux & Lotz Technologies also provides on-site assistance for their commissioning.
Leroux & Lotz Technologies is also source of proposal during the equipment design phase, to reduce costs or increase their versatility.
Moreover, Leroux & Lotz Technologies is able to work with local partners to improve any aspect of the overall related costs and logistical challenges.


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    • Handling and guidance of flexible pipelines
    • Bending radius protection
    • Subsea connection systems


    • Proven experience in the design and manufacture of subsea systems
    • Design on demand based on customer needs and requirements
    • Dedicated project team, composed of highly qualified engineers
    • Manufacture and assembly in our factory for a total quality control
    • Factory Acceptance Test and Test Runs in our workshops prior to shipping