Nuclear Equipment

Leroux & Lotz Technologies carries the design, manufacture, assembly and testing in its workshops of nuclear equipment.

Leroux & Lotz Technologies also provides on-site assistance for their commissioning.

Our nuclear equipment expertise is primarily focused on testing facilities, maintenance and decommissioning. This expertise can meet different types of equipment as below, based on Leroux & Lotz Technologies and / or customer’s design.

  • False head covers for securing nuclear vessels during maintenance phases
  • Boiler for test reactor
  • Tooling and handling systems for maintenance or dismantling
  • Cleaning skids

Leroux & Lotz Technologies is also source of proposals to imagine customer’s designs alternatives to reduce costs or increase durability.

In addition, the network developed over 30 years by Leroux & Lotz Technologies allows to select products and suppliers meeting the strictest levels of requirements.

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    • Maintenance tools for nuclear power plants
    • Handling systems for dismantling
    • Piping for reactor testing
    • Design and production according RCCM


    • Proven experience in the design and manufacture of equipment
    • Proven experience in mechanics, welding and piping on-site (SNLE, aircraft carriers, test reactor, Power Plant)
    • Design on demand based on customer needs and requirements
    • Manufacture and assembly in our factory for a total quality control
    • Factory Acceptance Test and Test Runs in our workshops
    • Dedicated project team, composed of highly qualified engineers
    • CEFRI / EDF Qualifications