Test Benches

Leroux & Lotz Technologies carries the design, manufacture, assembly and testing in its workshops of test benches.

Leroux & Lotz Technologies also provides on-site assistance for their commissioning.

References of Leroux & Lotz Technologies for the design and construction of test benches can reach 200 metric tons.

Our test benches expertise applies to almost any type of qualifying test of a type of product, whether in extreme conditions representative of its working environmental conditions and / or fatigue conditions, or for qualifying machines at the end of their production process.

  • Test bench for hydrodynamic bearing tests for a 5 meter diameter Hydroelectric turbine
  • Test bench for fatigue tests of pipelines under tension (1000 metric tons) and alternating bending
  • Production test bench for a 5MW offshore wind turbine generator (torques up to 800,000 kg.m)
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    • Test of power generators: offshore wind turbines, tidal turbines
    • Test of flexible pipelines
    • Test of offshore equipment


    • Proven experience in the design and manufacture of special machines
    • Design on demand based on customer needs and requirements
    • Dedicated project team, composed of highly qualified engineers
    • Manufacture and assembly in our factory for a total quality control
    • Factory Acceptance Test and Test Runs in our workshops prior to shipping