The reference for major stakeholders

Through the combination of a long industrial tradition with a spirit of continuous innovation, Leroux & Lotz Industry has established itself as a key player for major international customers. Our teams operate worldwide to erect, operate and improve the facilities we design and manufacture. Diversification of our markets and high technological content of our projects are differentiating assets for Leroux & Lotz Industry.

Oil & Gas
Process Industries
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Leroux & Lotz Industry mobilize its skills and resources to develop concrete innovative solutions for a world more respectful of Man and Environment. These solutions cover:

  • Capture and recovery of CO2
  • Recycling waste oils
  • Processing organic waste
  • Marine renewable energy
  • Manufacture and tests of prototypes or series

Leroux & Lotz Industry is also engaged in numerous projects with customers on these issues, using its expertise to provide solutions to their needs.


Oil & Gas

Whether you are exploring, producing, transporting or refining, Leroux & Lotz Industry is your partner for tailor-made solutions for the Oil & Gas industries.
Leroux & Lotz Industry designs and manufactures a variety of equipment to serve Oil & Gas industries. These equipments are suitable for:

  • Production of lubricants and greases
  • Manufacturing flexible pipe and umbilicals
  • Handling equipment for pipeline installation
  • Subsea equipment
  • Product testings under all types of solicitations

Process industries

Leroux & Lotz Industry designs and manufactures a variety of equipments and turnkey solutions for process industries.

Main fields of applications:

  • Production of lubricants, greases and other fluids
  • Regeneration of waste oils
  • Custom made solutions and turnkey units

Leroux & Lotz Industry offers turnkey solutions, including design, manufacture, assembly, test in our workshops as well as assistance for erection and commissioning on our customer’s sites worldwide.


Leroux & Lotz Industry has been a partner of the nuclear industry for over 30 years. Our offer of equipment and services is specially dedicated for nuclear plants and military ships.

Our expertise ranges from piping and pressure vessels for engine room and auxiliaries, through maintenance covers for nuclear reactor vessels.

Leroux & Lotz Industry also carries out maintenance in power plants and in nuclear submarines (machine, boiler room, missile silos).