Modular Units for the Environment

Our company’s Research and Development teams are constantly developing new concepts. These include Turnkey Modular Units for waste oils regeneration, for degradation of organic compounds by hydrothermal oxidation or CO2 capture.

We are serving ambitious projects of our customers and we support throughout the development and implementation of innovative units.

The added value and the environment whose are guiding our actions, allowing us to differentiate ourselves as a turnkey solutions supplier.


Innovation Controled

For several years, our company has developed in-house or with partnerships, solutions dedicated to treatment and recovery. Based on robust and proven technologies, our Turnkey Modular Units for the Environment offer innovative and ecological processing means. Our expertise in designing Turnkey Modular Units allows us to ensure the best operations based on our customers requirements. Our various industrial demonstrators also allow us to continue to innovate and optimize our units.

A Positive Environmental Impact

Our Turnkey Modular Units for the Environment employ clean treatment processes, which enable our customers to reduce the environmental impact of their activities. Whether is it for the regeneration of waste oils, CO2 capture or organic waste treatment by hydrothermal oxidation, these units can significantly reduce GHG (Greenhouse Gases) emissions or soil pollution. Our dedicated teams are available to evaluate with our clients the technical, economical and environmental benefits of each unit.

Optimized Logistics

Whether it is for the establishment of installations scheme, or for detailed diagram of industrial complex engineering, our team is available to our customers to manage all phases of their projets. Our team carries the design and initialization of the project, the basic design and the detailed engineering, supply and manufacturing, installation, testing in our premises, reception of the equipment at our customers sites, assistance for commissioning and staff training. Our Turnkey Modular Units for the Environment can be produced simultaneously with civil work to be performed at the production site, which substantially reduces costs and overall execution time.

Satisfied Requirement

All our Turnkey Modular Units for the Environment are assembled at our premises by dedicated and specialized teams. We conduct extensive testing to verify the proper operation of the various components, and the overall performance of the equipment. Additional tests are also carried out in the presence of customers before disassembling, shipping and commissioning at the production site.

With our customers All Around the Globe

Thanks to the modular design principle, our Turnkey Modular Units for the Environment are shipped around the world in containers, enabling fast deployment at customer sites. We are able to bring solutions to all requests, both for optimization of existing units and for new installations worldwide.

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