Complex mechanical systems

With our technical expertise and our unique experience worldwide, we are a key player in the design and manufacture of complex mechanical systems. These ones are tailored to the needs of our customers, and generally large in size, serve multiple markets.

Our expertise covers all the disciplines required for special machines: Mechanical, boiler making, actuators, automation, hydraulic, electrical, power management are discussed and specified by our team of highly qualified engineers and our partners.

The assembly, tuning, and testing are managed by our teams in our workshops, guarantee of quality and performance.

A Flexible Design Process

The diversity and quality of our skills allied to the flexibility of a medium size company allows us to offer the best engineering scheme to our customers. We can be asked to work as an R&D center on the most ambitious projects, developing concepts, validate them thru calculations and simulations while guaranteeing optimal industrialization due to the close proximity of our design offices with our workshops. We can also be asked by our customers to participate in their design process by providing both a new look, our co-design methodologies and design to target cost.

Prototypes Industrialization

Our clients often need equipment able to perform new functions, either for the creation of a new production line or to allow a new method of installing equipment at sea to be possible. The equipment are then considered aas prototypes and we endeavor to integrate, for our customers, the level of security, reliability and efficiency of an industrial machine.
Leroux & Lotz Industry enjoys to start from a blank page, identify rational, cost-effective solutions tailored to the needs, develop these solutions effectively, within budget and deadlines, and lead to an equipment that performs, at commissioning, following our client’s expectations.

The Exigency and Expertise

We take the utmost care to get the satisfaction of our customers. Often the systems we deliver exceed their expectations. Looking at the functional requirements and technical challenges our customers often requires, our collective imagination and experience are a key to our success and achievements. We know how to remain practical to build realistic and reliable solutions that bring added value to the customer.

With our Customers All Around the Globe

Brazil, Malaysia, Angola, Japan, on land and in the oceans… Our equipment are installed worldwide. We can study for our customers tailored service solutions, hot-line, intervention, or scheduled maintenance, and ensure the operability of the equipment supplied.

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